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Brand: LCN
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Hold Open Spring Cush Arm...
The LCN 4040XP-3049SCNS-AL Hold Open Spring Cush Arm is an Aluminum, Hold Open Spring Cush Arm for the 4040XP Series which includes LCN’s most durable and flexible heavy duty closer designed for institutional and other demanding high traffic applications.

Features include:
• Aluminum Finish (689)
• Non-handed
• For abusive applications features solid forged steel main arm and forearm with spring loaded stop in the soffit shoe
• Push side parallel arm installation only

SCUSH/SCNS - The SCUSH/SCNS is a spring stop arm, it has more cushion at the stopping point than the dead stop CUSH/CNS arm and stops the door from being opened past a predetermined degree of open. The spring feature occurs 5° before the dead stop point. The spring stop point is not adjustable, it is set by templating. SCUSH arm closers can only be mounted as a Push Side parallel arm installation.
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