The original design was made on the "H75" type keyblank and the trap slot was positioned as far back from the tip as possible to still allow the trapping and reading of the 6th postion wafer in the door lock.  This allowed for the reading of all wafers in the door, and left the two tip cuts (positions 7 & 8) to be progressed for a working ignition key.  Since the ignition lock was a sidebar mechanism, the EEZ Reader is not able to read it anyway.  The positioning of the trap as just mentioned provides the greatest degree of accuracy by allowing for as much of the key blade to be inserted into the keyway when trapping/reading the first space wafer, i.e. the closest to the lock face.

The second design was made on the "H78" type keyblank to differentiate it from the original design, and was a response to a lock change by Ford on some models in 2001.  These models (see next question) use a lock in the door with 6 wafers, but in positions (bow-tip) 2 through 7.  To read the 7th postion wafer, the trap slot must be closer to the tip, hence the re-design.  Since these models also used a non-sidebar ignition lock, we realized that reading of all wafer positions was possible if the tool could reach the 8th, or tip cut in the ignition (also deck lock where applicable).  The tool was made with the trap slot right at the tip of the key to read all postions, sacrificing some accuracy on the 1st and even 2nd wafer positions on the "usual" 8-cut system.

While we originally thought that the "H78" design, called the "FORD 96+", would be a "universal" tool and work for both systems.  However, with feedback from our customers, many preferrred the original design.  Many also wanted the ability to read the ignition locks as well, so we continue to make both designs available.

To order the original design:  EEZ H75

To order the 2001+ design:  EEZ FORD 96+

2000 and up

    Lincoln LS  (also has a deck lock with positons 3-8)

2001 and up

    Ford Explorer (4 door only!)
    Mecury Mountaineer

2003 an up

    Lincoln Aviator

Thank you, we will be adding more information soon.