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FLUSH BOLT 12'' ROD, 1 X 6-3/4 1 EA Logo
Brand: Ives Hardware
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Flush Bolt...
• The lever can be moved to the ‘up’ position, retracting the bolt
and allowing the inactive leaf to be opened. When the inactive leaf
is closed, the lever can be moved to the ‘down’ position, projecting
the bolt into the strike and securely locking the inactive leaf.
• Simplified installation in metal frames. Round bolt head requires
only a punched hole. Use of strike optional.
• FB458 UL Listed for Fire Doors.
Body Size: 1" Wide x 6-3/4" Long x 1-1/8" Deep
Guide Size: 1" Wide x 2" Long x 5/64" Thick
Strike Size: 15/16" Wide x 2-1/4" Long x 5/64" Thick
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