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AKUL - 12 Piece Ultra Long Reach Kit
The combo kit is a mix of the most popular traditional car opening tools snuggly fit into the lid of the case as well as our assortment of “Quick Change” Long Reach Tools custom fit into the bottom of the specialty molded case. The selection of traditional tools includes our most popular stainless steel round edged Slim Jim, three of our most popular patented Xacto Grip tools including our Double Ended Hook and Lift Tool, Double Ended Slide Lock Tool, Wide Panel MCOT Under the Window Tool, Protective Tool Sleeve, 52 page Tool Usage and Instruction Booklet, and Wedge Starter and Window Protector. The Long Reach Tools custom fit into the bottom of the case include the 5-pc Long Reach Set featuring the ¼”heavy duty Handle,¼” heavy duty rigid Tool Body, 1/8” bendable Hook Tool Body, 1/8” bendable “L” Hook Tool Body, heavy duty extension (when longer reach is needed), 2 rubber wedges, 2 plastic wedges, heavy duty Pump Wedge and Plastic Tool Sleeve.
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