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Brand: Codelocks, Inc
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Light Commercial Smart Lock...
The lock supports a total of 350 users with a choice of entry options including 100 user codes, 150 MIFARE® smart cards (or fobs/wristbands) and 100 phone clients. Tight entry control can be achieved through the use of timed NetCodes. Generated and distributed by email and SMS, these NetCodes can be created with a start date and duration. When this pre-set duration has passed, the code will expire and access using this code will cease.

Other advanced programming facilities include scheduled "code free" periods and timed access codes with a set duration and expiry.

• Supports up to 350 users (100 client user codes, 100 phone clients and 150 client smart cards)
• Keyless entry
• Remotely manage and operate locks via smartphone with the K3 Connect App (iOS & Android compatible)
• Includes advanced features such as scheduled "code free" access, scheduled client access periods and audit trail tracking
• Downloadable audit trail
• Schlage C keyway cylinder - 5 pin only!
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